🏆Leadership Team

Irene Umar

CEO & Co-founder / LinkedIn

Irene Umar is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and the CEO/Co-Founder of W3GG. She started her career as a global banker, then became a gaming venture capitalist in Indonesia. Passionate about gaming, she believes blockchain gaming can unlock the true value of digital economies and the importance of play. Through W3GG, she aims to create opportunities for knowledge transfer, self-growth, and jobs within the industry to prepare the community for a decentralized future.

Chin Yaul Yu

CFO & Co-founder / LinkedIn

Chin, the CFO of W3GG, is a Chartered Accountant and has over a decade of experience in consulting, business development, and startups. He began his career at KPMG London, later working in management consulting and launching international hospitality businesses in Asia. Wanting to create more impact, he joined a Taipei-based education startup before discovering blockchain gaming. As a lifelong gamer and blockchain enthusiast, Chin aims to spearhead W3GG's efforts to accelerate blockchain gaming adoption in Southeast Asia and making web3 gaming a pathway for personal development and growth.

Ida Mok

Chief Legal Officer / LinkedIn

Ida, W3GG's Chief Legal Officer, is a recognized expert in blockchain standards, payments, cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, stablecoins, digital assets, DeFi, DAOs, and regulatory compliance. She has extensive experience working in senior legal positions at premier law firms and companies globally. Ida is the founder of Spool Labs, a DeFi protocol, and co-founder and CLO of Fluidity Money and ReInvent DAO. She is also the founder and President of Women in Blockchain Asia and contributes to the Global Assets and Cryptocurrency Association. Ida's tireless work in promoting women's inclusion in blockchain has earned her recognition and awards, including Tatler Asia Front and Female 2023, Global Top 100 Women in Emerging Tech (2023), and Unstoppable Women for Web 3 (2022 and 2023).

Josh Gier

Chief Growth Officer / LinkedIn

As Chief Growth Officer of W3GG, Josh is responsible for the business strategy, team performance, motivation, and overall alignment to the company's vision and purpose. With a background in senior leadership roles in technology at Fortune 100 MNCs and senior consulting roles working with global brands, Josh brings extensive experience to drive W3GG's growth. In his free time, Josh enjoys trash-talking in League of Legends, getting fragged in Valorant, and researching and investing in promising new Web3 projects.

Ryan Fleming

Chief Creative Officer / LinkedIn

Ryan, a gamer, designer, and photographer, leads the W3GG team from a design and branding perspective, drawing on over 20 years of experience in the digital innovation space. He has partnered with businesses ranging from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies seeking reinvention. When not working at W3GG, Ryan can be found wandering the streets with his camera, capturing interesting moments, or at home relaxing with his cat family while playing Rise of Kingdoms.

Terry Jun

Chief Technology Officer / LinkedIn

As the Chief Technology Officer of W3GG, Terry brings a wealth of experience spanning concept development, VFX, and video production. His client list includes numerous Fortune 100 companies and media giants. When not immersed in his work at W3GG, Terry retreats into his own mental metaverse, documenting his experiences to later bring back into the real world. Beyond his technical responsibilities, Terry is also involved in teaching and volunteer work, showcasing his diverse skill set and passion for making a positive impact.

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