A general overview of our tokenomics

A total of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) W3GG tokens will be in circulation, carefully structured to

strike a balance between community engagement, initial development needs, and the

enduring stability of the DAO. These tokens will be allocated to distinct groups, with a

significant portion designated for the community. To manage the circulating supply, certain

token allocations may include lock-up periods and vesting schedules that span the initial five


Token Generation Event (TGE) Allocation

50,000,000 or 5% of total supply is allocated to TGE including for CEX/DEX listing and public sale. W3GG is aiming to conduct a community and public sale of W3GG tokens in the first half of 2024.

Community Allocation

370,000,000 or 37% of total supply will be distributed to W3GG community members through various community reward programs and staking rewards. The aim is to incentivize active participation of community members and to reward contributors, loyal supporters and stakers. Different categories of community programs will have different vesting schedules, ranging from linear unlock for 60 months after token launch to 84 months after token launch.

DAO Treasury Allocation

The W3GG DAO treasury will hold 150,000,000 W3GG tokens or 15% of total allocation. 15% will be unlocked at token launch for listing and market making purposes, and the remaining 85% subject to a 12-month cliff and 4-year vesting period. These remaining tokens will be held for future use including token swaps in the acquisition of future blockchain gaming assets, to fund the development of new product features and more.

Team Allocation

15% of total supply or 150,000,000 will be allocated to current and future core team members. The unlock schedule will differ for the founders and the original core team, with founders having a 0.5% unlock at network launch, 12-month cliff and linear unlock over four years. Whilst the original core team will have a 1% unlock at network launch, 12 month cliff and linear unlock over three years. The small unlock at token launch is to reward the founders and core team for staying loyal to the project, which originally started as YGG SEA in November 2021 and later restructuring to W3GG in June 2023 with a new vision, mission and team composition. Future core team members will have an unlock schedule based on the time of joining.

Advisor Allocation

W3GG advisors who have helped advise on the project without compensation will be allocated 2% of token allocation or 20,000,000 tokens. Advisors will have a 1 year lock up period and a 12-month linear vesting period thereafter.

Investor Allocation

Seed and Private sale participants will have 1.5% of their token allocation accessible on network launch, with 3.5% automatically staked for a year. The 3.5% will vest linearly over 12 months after the one-year locked stake. On the anniversary of network launch, 1.5% will again be accessible to investors and 3.5% will be automatically staked for another year, which will then vest linearly over 12 months after the one-year locked stake. The remaining 90% will be locked for a two-year duration on network launch and then will vest linearly over the subsequent two years after the initial lockup. Investors will receive all their tokens after four years. Strategic round investors will have 10% of the tokens unlocked upon launching of the token on a First Tier Centralised Exchange. 1/8 of the remaining 90% shall vest six months after the token launch, and the remaining 7/8ths of the Tokens shall be vested in equal monthly instalments over eighteen months.

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