Staking W3GG Tokens: Staking W3GG tokens is an integral part of participating in the W3GG ecosystem. Token holders can lock their tokens to earn rewards, participate in governance, launchpad access and access various benefits within the community. Staking not only supports the security and operation of the platform but also enables token holders to contribute to decision-making processes.

Lock-up Periods and APRs:

  • 30 days: Participants can choose to stake their tokens for a minimum of 30 days. The APR for this period is yet to be determined, and staking for this duration impacts the generation of staking points negatively.

  • 60 to 240 days: Longer staking durations offer higher APRs and positive multipliers on staking points generation. These range from a 1x multiplier for a 60-day period up to a 4x multiplier for a 240-day period. The APRs for these periods are also yet to be defined.

Staking Points and Rewards: Staked W3GG tokens generate staking points, which will determine eligibility to participate in the wider W3GG gaming eco-system. The longer the staking period, the higher the multiplier for staking points generation, enhancing the benefits received.

Governance Participation: Staking also grants token holders governance rights within the W3GG ecosystem. These rights include voting on various proposals that shape the future direction of the platform.

Integration with W3Key: The W3Key, our SBT, plays a complementary role in the W3GG ecosystem by identifying and authenticating community members. While the primary focus here is on staking W3GG tokens, holding a W3KeY SBT can be necessary for verifying membership and participation rights within certain community-driven activities, particularly those that may require both token staking and identity verification through the SBT.

This streamlined approach to staking ensures that W3GG token holders are actively involved in the ecosystem, contributing to its security and governance while earning rewards and enjoying enhanced community benefits. This system encourages long-term holding and deeper community involvement, aligning with the overall goals of the W3GG platform.

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